Extra Day – Luggage Delivery

The company that gives you an Extra Day of vacation!

Have you heard about the service that lets you enjoy an extra day of vacation in Lisbon? We’ll tell you everything about it. Have you ever wasted your last day of vacation because you were carrying your bag everywhere? Those days are over! Extra Day is here for you!

How it works

Choose your pick up spot

When booking our service, tell us where you want us to pick up the luggage. We will meet you at your hotel, hostel or apartment.

Luggage pick up

At the time scheduled, our team will meet you and pick up your luggage!

Enjoy your day

This is the easy part. Go enjoy your last day of vacation, luggage free! We handle it while you make the most of your day.


Before your flight, at the time you requested, our team will meet you at the airport and return your luggage!

Where can I use your service?

Lisbon, Portugal

Our service is available in Lisbon.

If you are staying in a hotel, hostel or an apartment in our capital, we will be happy to meet you and collect your luggage in order for you to enjoy your day!

The more luggage you have, the cheaper it gets

Our price table will make prices per item drop when the items count increase.

This is especially important for large families or groups of firends, as it can go down to even 4€/item!

Hand Bag

50% OFF when ordering more than 3

Walking 10km around Lisbon with a heavy backpack full of clothes on your back is not very pleasant, we keep it for you.

Hold Bag

GET €10 discount after the 4th bag

Have you tried to walk with this type of bags on the typical Portuguese sidewalk? Going up the stairs at Arco da Rua Augusta? Or down to the metro? Yep, it’s better if we help!


1 extra free if you order more than

Your own golf bag may be indispensable for the tournament, but a nuisance for leisure days. A day of surfing makes us come to Lisbon, but walking with the board… not fantastic. I think you got it.

Luggage free

About the company

The company that gives you an Extra Day of vacation!

Have you heard about the service that lets you enjoy another day of vacation? We’ll tell you everything about it.

Have you ever wasted your last day of vacation because you were carrying your bag everywhere? Those days are over!

Now you can come to our site, tell us where you’re staying and we’ll pick your luggage up. You can go sightseeing or stroll around the city and enjoy your last day, and we’ll give it back to you at the airport. No more days where you’re carrying a heavy backpack. No more wasted days. Nor days going back and forth to the hotel in a hurry to pick up the luggage.

The company that helps you and gives you an Extra Day has arrived!

Reasons to choose us:


Leaving your suitcase in a luggage storage and pick it up later? Round trips and wasted time. Visiting Lisbon is worth more than that!


Those who come to Lisbon know that they will want to come back, but do not know when they will do so. Until that day arrives, it is better to enjoy the last hours here!


You have the opportunity to have a courier pick up your bags wherever you want and deliver them afterwards – with just one click.

Meet our team

We are three young entrepreneurs motivated to provide you the best possible service, so that you can enjoy your day without your luggage!

Antony Gonçalves

Miguel Cunha

Pedro Castro

Have any questions?

Can I change the delivery time of my bag at the airport?

Should you wish to change the delivery time of your luggage, you should contact us via our email: support@extradayportugal.com or our support line at +351 914 761 415, requesting a change of delivery time. You must do that at least 2 hours before the delivery time.

Is the price the same for any kind of luggage?

The price varies according to the type of baggage you will ask for. It is divided into three categories: cabin bag, hold luggage and special luggage (surfboards, baby stroller, etc.).

How can I request your service?

You can request our service by filling out a form on our website, here.

When can I request your service?

You can request our service at any time, with a minimum of 2 hours before pick-up time. If our platform indicates that there is no availability, please contact us through support@extradayportugal.com so we can analyze if we still have the possibility to help you.

What are the pick up and delivery times?

You can request that we pick up your bag from 7am to 1pm. Additionaly, you can also request that the pick up service is made the day before your trip. Deliveries can be made at the airport from 2pm to 11:30 p.m.

Where can I find Extra Day to receive my luggage?

You can find us at Departures from Lisbon Airport, Terminal 1 or 2, as requested at the time of your booking.

How do you guarantee that I’m collecting my luggage?

For the collection of luggage it is necessary that you have your ID with you, so that it is delivered safely.

How do you guarantee the safety and privacy of my luggage?

The suitcases must be delivered protected with padlocks from each customer. Still, they will be sealed by us in front of you so you know they were untouched and well-kept.

Where can I hand you my luggage?

At the moment you book our service, you must insert the address of the place the place you want us to meet you, and the time when we must collect your luggage.

Our reviews

The Airbnb apartment we were staying in wouldn’t let us keep our luggage there. With a flight at 7PM, we wanted to enjoy Lisbon and this service was everything we needed! Easy, on time, and they even gave us

a few tips. 5*!

Janet Graham

Extra Day Luggage Client

Our reviews

I usually use luggage storages when traveling abroad, but this is so much more convenient and easy! Totally worth it, keep going guys!

Todd Jorgenson

Extra Day Luggage Client

Our reviews

We never wanted to stop traveling even with kids, but 2 children and their bags can become quite a lot to carry! Thanks to this service our last day in Lisbon was so smooth. Thanks a lot!

Lisa Jensen

Extra Day Luggage Client

Our reviews

I never used such a service, especially because when I travel with friends we try to keep costs down. But for such a great price for our group (less than 8€/person) it was the best way to enjoy our last sunset and dinner in Lisbon!

Wendy Shreve

Extra Day Luggage Client

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